B 13 (LDN 1397/1399) Dark Nebula in Camelopardalis

Center of field at approximately: RA 04 hours 30 minutes 21 seconds, Dec +54 degrees 52 minutes 25 seconds

Size: 11' Magnitude: -- Class: 5 Ir

North is up

West to the right


 8" f5 Newtonian reflector


 ST-8XME, self-guided, binned 1x1, temp -25c, camera control MaxIm DL 4.56


Lumicon Red filter, 840 minutes (84 x 10 minute subs), 12/16/18/20/21/2011; seeing 2.5-3.5 FWHM per CCDStack


CCDStack 2.53.4349.21251, Photoshop CS 5.1


 Rolling Roof Observatory, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (+34d 13m 29s -118h 52m 20s)

Notes: Another positional difference with my charting software (Megastar v5.0.13), and the CDS. Both have the center at 04h 31m ..., about 1 arc minute too far east based on this image ... this complex includes several named 'dark clouds', see CDS listing.

This description from the on-line Edward Emerson Barnard "A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of The Milky Way":

Dark Object
α (2000)
4h 31m 15s
δ (2000)
+54 54
Galactic Coordinates
151, 5
Irregular, diam. 11, irregular darker inside with a rather sharp, short, narrow extension toward the S..