Czernik 10 (OCL-354, C 0230+599) Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

Located at: RA 02 hours 33 minutes 55 seconds, Dec +60 degrees 10 minutes 30 seconds

Size: 3.0' (4.0') Magnitude: -- Class: IV 1 p

North is up

West to the right


8" f5 Newtonian reflector


 ST-8XME, self-guided, binned 1x1, temp -15c, camera control MaxIm DL 4.56


Lumicon Red filter, 330 minutes (33 x 10 minute subs), 11/12/13/2008; seeing 2.8-3.7 FWHM per CCDStack


CCDStack 1.4, Photoshop 7.0


 Rolling Roof Observatory, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (+34d 13m 29s -118h 52m 20s)

Notes: According to "Star Clusters", by Brent Archinal and Steven Hynes, the size of this open cluster is 4.0 arc minutes ... Czernik 9 is just 18 minutes due south. The top portion of Czernik 9 is just visible at the bottom middle of this image ... As with Czernik 13, see this image by Jay Ballaeur that show are area around IC 1805. Czernik 10 is right at the bottom center of Jay's image