Czernik 21 (Lund 176) Open Cluster in Auriga

Located at: RA 05 hours 26 minutes 40 seconds, Dec +36 degrees 00 minutes 30 seconds

Size: 9.0 (8.0') Magnitude: -- Class: IV 1 m n

North is up

West to the right


 8" f5 Newtonian reflector


 ST-8XME, self-guided, binned 1x1, temp -15c, camera control MaxIm DL 4.56


Lumicon Red filter, 340 minutes (340 x 10 minute subs), 01/18/22/2011; seeing 2.4-4.0 FWHM per CCDStack


CCDStack 2.17.3996.27523, Photoshop 7.0


 Rolling Roof Observatory, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (+34d 13m 29s -118h 52m 20s)

Notes: I had a tough time with this cluster ... I started imaging this field on 01/15/2011, and gathered 70 subs in three nights. However, the nearly full moon was only 12-18 degrees away, and was basically shining right down the tube. I found I could not process the glow out without completely washing out the field. I settled for the 34 subs taken with the moon out of the field. The large collection of stars to the southeast (lower left) is M38, the faint swath of nebulosity is LBN 794.

According to "Star Clusters", by Brent Archinal and Steven Hynes, the size of this open cluster is 8.0 arc minutes.