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This is a map of some of the places I frequented for my film astrophotography in Southern California

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Positions are approximate! Check Clocks for road and topo maps

Topographical maps, road maps, and more, for each Chart

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see my house Clear Sky Chart


go to the Rolling Roof Observatory ccd page

 Clear Sky Charts courtesy of the Canadian Meteorological Center

Other California Charts

Driving times from my house (one way) in Thousand Oaks:*

Mt Pinos is about one hour forty five minutes (99 miles)

Figueroa Lookout is about two hours twenty five minutes (125 miles)

Fossil Falls is about three hours (175 miles)

Joshua Tree National Monument is about three hours thirty minutes (200 miles)

Little Blair Valley is about four hours thirty minutes (250 miles)

*Times approximate, depends on traffic <g>.
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