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This site is no longer updated / maintained


      The Film Photography:    

Note: All images are posted with North at the top, West to the right, unless noted


New Photos: Visit my CCD web site !!!!

All new (starting August 2005) images now being taken with the ST-8XME ccd camera

from my home observatory in Thousand Oaks, California


For best viewing of these images, adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast so you see 17 distinct grayscale increments on the step wedge above, from black to white (0 to 255, with a step value of 16). My monitor was adjusted like this when processing the images on this site.

This page is dedicated to the Black & White crowd. I have never wanted to chase after the 'perfect' color representation of a deep-sky astronomical object. We have no idea what these objects really look like (even if they were bright enough to stimulate our color vision), only the spectral lines they emit. Every new commercial color film (formulated to give a 'true' daylight depiction of cousin Dave) seems to show our favorite deep-sky objects in a slightly different light (pun intended).

With a few exceptions (before 1986), all photos on these pages are taken on forming gas hypersensitized Kodak Technical Pan 2415, a fine gained, panchromatic, black and white emulsion.

These film pages will adhere to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, and can be viewed with 800 x 600 monitor resolution, but are optimized for 1024 x 768 monitor resolution, with at least 65k colors (high color, or thousand of colors).

Images on these pages are copyright © Martin C Germano, 1998-2018. Images may be used on a personal computer (for wallpaper, etc.), or in a not-for-profit publication (such as a club newsletter) with proper credit to the author. Any commercial or for-profit use is prohibited without my permission.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome

Martin C Germano

Thousand Oaks, California 91360

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