"M 24"* (IC 4715) Star Cloud in Sagittarius

Guiding field centered on M 20: RA 18 hours 02 minutes 25 seconds, Dec -22 degrees 59 minutes 00 seconds

Size: ~120' Magnitude: -- Class: star cloud

North is up

West to the right


50mm camera lens


Miranda Laborec 35mm camera, 50mm @ F4, manually guided, hypered Kodak Technical Pan 2415 film, 46 F outside temp


No filter, 50 minutes, 04/15/1986


D-19, 6.0 minutes @ 68F, 35mm negative scanned with Polaroid SprintScan 4000 (4000 dpi)

Scan is a crop from 35mm negative, scan processed in Photoshop CS5.1


Joshua Tree, CA

Notes:* This is one of the Messier objects not accessible (too large for my field of view w/ccd) from my Thousand Oaks observatory ... In an effort to 'fill in' my Messier images page, I will post what film images I have. My film scanner is not presently hooked up, so I am using scans made for my old film website from the early 2000's.

"M 24" is marked in this image ... aka "The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud" ... still not sure if "M 24" is the star cloud or the open cluster NGC 6603. My charting software (Megastar v5.0.13) lists "M 24" as a star cloud, with an alternate designation of IC 4715, identified as an Open Cluster.

Most of the film scans from the 8" f5 Newtonian reflector were centered on the object of interest, and were generally scanned to file as a 2000 x 2000 pixel crop of the 35mm negative.

Reduced in Photoshop to 1024 pixels, and saved under "Save for Web & Devices".

From the NGC / IC Project:

Contemporary/Current Data for  IC 4715

Right Ascension (2000): 18h 26m 12.0s Declination (2000): -18 26' 00" Object Type: Asterism Object Classification: -------------- Constellation: Sagittarius Position Angle: ----- Visual Magnitude: ------

Surface Brightness: ---- Blue Magnitude: Object Size: ----------- Also Cataloged As: ESO 591-**001 Catalogue Notes: Concentration of stars only. (Milky Way star cloud)

Historical Research Notes / Correction for IC 4715
NGC 6603, a relatively small and faint cluster, is not M24.  The Messier 
object is actually IC 4715, which see for more. - Dr. Harold G. Corwin, Jr.
The CDS Aladin Previewer returns 18h 16m 47.9s, -18h 33m 00s when entering "M 24" in the search box.
The CDS SIMBAD Astronomical Database returns 18h16.8m -18 33 when entering "M 24" in the search box. (Queries - by identifier)
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey returns 18h 16m 48.00s, -18d 33m 00.0s when entering "M 24" in the search box.
All sets of coordinates are basically in the center of the (Small Sagittarius) Star Cloud.