M 68 (NGC 4590, GCL 20) Globular Cluster in Hydra

Located at: RA 12 hours 39 minutes 28 seconds, Dec -26 degrees 44 minutes 34 seconds

Size: 11' Magnitude: 7.3 Class: 10

North is up

West to the right


Celestron 8 at ~f10


Miranda Laborec 35mm camera, manually guided, Kodak 103AF film, outside temp not recorded


No filter, 30 minutes, 04/13/1980


Acufine (diluted 1:1), 10.5 minutes @ 68F, 35mm negative scanned with Polaroid SprintScan 4000 (4000 dpi)

Scan is a crop from 35mm negative, scan processed in Photoshop CS5.1


 Mt Pinos, CA

Notes: This is one of the Messier objects not currently 'visible' from my Thousand Oaks observatory ... In an effort to 'fill in' my Messier images page, I will post what film images I have. This is a recent (06/26/2012) scan, as I had hooked up my scanner to capture the last few Messier film negatives for this project.

This image is a crop of a scan to file as a 5408 x 3524 pixel full frame scan of the 35mm negative.

Reduced in Photoshop to 1024 pixels, and saved under "Save for Web & Devices".

From the NGC / IC Project:

Contemporary Visual Observation(s) for NGC 4590
NGC 4590 = M68 = E506-SC30
12 39 28.0 -26 44 35
V = 7.7;  Size 12.0

17.5": 30-50 stars resolved including many fairly bright stars over unresolved 
background haze.

13": about 20 stars resolved around edges of core and in halo.  The core is 
mottled but unresolved.

8": few stars resolved across disk.

- by Steve Gottlieb