PK 80-6.1 (V* V1610 Cyg, "Egg Nebula") Planetary Nebula in Cygnus

Located at: RA 21 hours 02 minutes 19 seconds, Dec +36 degrees 41 minutes 40 seconds

Size: 60" x 30" Magnitude: 13.5 Class: proto-Planetary Nebula

North is up

West to the right


 14.5" f5 Newtonian reflector


 ST-8XME, self-guided, binned 1x1, temp -15c, camera control MaxIm DL 4.56


Lumicon Red filter, 180 minutes (54 x 3.33 minute {200 seconds} subs), 08/24/2015; seeing 2.3-3.4 FWHM per CCDStack


CCDStack 2.90.5589.16047, Photoshop CS5.1


 Rolling Roof Observatory, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (+34d 13m 29s -118h 52m 20s)


One of several objects imaged this August in Cygnus, while the nearly full moon made imaging in the south impractical.

This object (V* V1610 Cyg) is listed as a Post-AGB Star (proto-PN). See the CDS image/data.

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