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Note: Images are presented full frame (1530 x 1020 - not cropped).

In a few instances, I have cropped an image by 8-15% (due to sequence registration issues), and increased the width to 1530 pixels.


Messier Images





NGC Images




Other Images


Processing notes for all images:


CCDStack is my ccd image processing program of choice

(I now use MaxIm DL only for controlling / guiding the ST-8 / telescope)

Typical CCDStack workflow is:

Calibration (dark subtraction, flat fielding), bloom removal, alignment, normalization, STD Sigma reject, sum or median combine, 25 to 100 iterations of Positive Constraint deconvolve, DLP processing, and save as a 16 bit scaled TIFF:

Note on FWHM (full width half maximum) measurement in CCDStack - Version 2 gives an average FWHM for the entire image ... which includes all variables like seeing, guiding (mount/wind, etc.), focus and Murphy (when imaging objects rising in the northeast, my imaging field will pass right through a busy landing pattern for Los Angles International airport). The range I now give for FWHM is the low/high that is given for the individual subs used in the final image. Previous version's ( of CCDStack FWHM measurements were based on an arbitrary average of a selection of single stars near the center of the individual sub exposures.

        example of one unprocessed .fit image, NGC 4096 (converted to .jpg), one of 74.

        example of a fully processed CCDStack image, notice the gradient, NGC 4096 (converted to .jpg)


Adobe Photoshop CS5 (new as of 08/2011) is my final image processing program

Typical Photoshop workflow is:

Curves, GradientXTerminator if needed,  clean up (stars, blooms, defects, etc.), cropping when needed, selective enhancement with levels, curves, unsharp mask, or brightness/contrast, etc., and save as JPEG for web:

        example of fully processed Photoshop image, NGC 4096 (converted to .jpg - same as on website)

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